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Solar Modules

Using automated production lines, top of the line solar cells and materials complying to highest industry standards, Auxin Solar provides a complete set of Poly and Mono-crystalline solar modules ranging from 10W to 290w.

Solar Mounting Racks

We have a complete array of solar mounting components for tin roof, tile roof and flat roofs.

Our mounting components have been certified for use in the harshest weather in the world.

Solar System Installation

We provide turnkey residential and commercial grid-tie solar systems. We've completed projects in Europe, Australia, and the U.S.

Please call (408) 466-9798 for a free residential quote.

OEM and Custom Design

If you have your own design or you want private labeled Made In USA solar panels, we can provide this service from our San Jose, California manufacturing facility.

We have automated production lines that can produce any crystalline solar panel design.

Off-grid solar products

We have an array of off-grid products for recreational use and for use in developing countries where the grid is unstable or not available.

We can custom design DC and AC solar microgirds. Solar microgrids are a great a solution for developming countries to use for a small cluster of homes or businesses.

PV Solar System Maintenance

Are you getting the most out of your solar system? We offer evaluation and maintenance services for residential and commercial solar systems. After system evaluation we will offer a cost effective and efficient customized maintennace plan to keep your system operating at optimal performance.

R&D Solutions and Services

Through R&D Auxin Solar delivers high quality solutions efficiently and cost effectively. We have experience in the development of solar products for residential, commercial and off-grid applications. We adopt an iterrative and agile approach to development and believe in close collboration with customers throughout the process.

We can help you develop any solar related design or idea:
- Product definition
- Prototype development
- Prototype testing
- Supply-chain management
- OEM production